EyeSec thermal camera provides both safety and security

EyeSec thermal camera
EyeSec thermal camera

EyeSec thermal camera

EyeSec line of thermal cameras is the world’s first camera system that can provide both safety and security. Available with high performance thermal cameras and a wide variety of lens options, the EyeSec Fire Detection solution brings unique value to customers in areas of high risk of fire. Facilities with flammable materials, transportation tunnels, combustible storage areas, and perimeter sites located near flammable forest and bush are all sensitive to fire danger, requiring this unique fire detection solution.

EyeSec camera’s flame detection analytics provides a reliable response to a major safety risk by enabling users to continuously monitor vast areas looking for fires. Once fires are identified, the camera uses multiple alarm mechanisms, including the transmission of fire’s X and Y position, to communicate the risk. It brings false alarms to a minimum by using sophisticated algorithms scrutinizing each hotspot in the observed area to ascertain whether they are flames or just simple temperature changes. Watching an area with multiple machines or other elements, EyeSec can identify and alert when one of them reaches a threatening temperature. The user can configure temperature thresholds and regions of interest. As the camera monitors its entire field of view, it specifically watches and alerts on items that reach a temperature higher than the threshold set.

EyeSec is also 24/7 outdoor security thermal camera for observing and monitoring sensitive sites over long distances. The camera presents a clear and crisp thermal video image in total darkness, light fog or smoke and other difficult viewing conditions ensuring you can still see when standard CCTV cameras cannot work effectively. It provides unmatched performance when working with video analytics and video motion detection software, due to the enhanced contrast images it provides, resulting in superior detection capabilities. Featuring continuous zoom and autofocus, the EyeSec uniquely gives control-room operators the same feel and ease of use as with a standard CCTV cameras. These advanced features were only available in cooled systems until this new development. Based on a highly sensitive uncooled microbolometer engine, EyeSec is available with either 384×288 or 640×480 pixel versions proving fields of view from 10° wide 3° narrow and 20° wide 7° narrow respectively. The interface controls are either RS485/422 or Pelco D ensuring it will work with existing systems. The imager provides full video rate 25/30HTS is ITAR free. Operating voltage is from 12 to 24VDC drawing just 2.2W in steady state use.  The system is IP66 rated and complies with MIL-STD-461D for EMI/EMC.

Safety and Integrating fire detection and fire risk assessment on board EyeSec security camera provides a unique and attractive safety and security solution. Acting as a security camera looking for intruders and other risks, the camera is also watching for fires or related occurrences. Customers benefit from two tasks in a single solution which they can use in combination with any other video analytics system.


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