Extra Antwerp date for Panomera roadshow and special guest confirmed

Panomera-Roadshow (2)In response to exceptional demand, another date has been added to the Panomera roadshow: On 21 June the showtruck will be appearing in Antwerp, Belgium.

And for good measure, Dallmeier has organised a very special highlight for visitors to the events in Rotterdam and Antwerp: Footballing legend and world-class goalkeeper Jean-Marie Pfaff will meet the visitors in the truck as star guest, and will answer all questions about “The latest video security technology in sports arenas and public areas”.

Events with Jean-Marie Pfaff:

Rotterdam: 5 June, Ahoy Arena

Antwerp: 21 June, Sportpaleis

Panomera Roadshow_Jean-Marie Pfaff

For all those who can’t make it on these two dates, there are various other options as the showtruck with the Panomera multifocal sensor system will be on the road throughout Europe until the middle of July.

All dates and event locations:


03.06.2013: Leverkusen

02.07.2013: Munich

04.07.2013: Berlin


The Netherlands:

05.06.2013: Rotterdam


Great Britain:

10.06.2013: Glasgow

12.06.2013: Liverpool

14.06.2013: Bristol

17.06.2013: London



20.06.2013: Brussels

21.06.2013: Antwerp



25.06.2013: Luxembourg



27.06.2013: Paris



09.07.2013: Katowice

11.07.2013: Warsaw


To registration: www.panomera.com/en/roadshow.html

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