Experience Infa-Red with Raytec at IFSEC

rayTEC_Logo(2) (2)Have you ever wondered what you look like under Infra-Red? Well now is your chance to find out! Visit Raytec at IFSEC, stand number H15 Hall 4, and get your picture taken in their IR photo booth with the new VARIO Infra-Red!

Infra-Red reflects differently from a given surface when compared to White-Light. An IR generated CCTV image of a subject could look very different dependent on the material of the clothing you are wearing for example, or the texture of your hair, or the products/colouring you have used on it. IR can also see through some materials!! Strike a pose in the IR Photo Booth and be in with the chance of winning a prize every day at IFSEC for the funniest picture! Raytec will announce the winner at the end of each day.

Complimentary Daytime Set-up Tool

VARIO Daytime Set-up Tool (2)Visit Raytec at IFSEC, stand number H15 Hall 4, to collect your complimentary VARIO Daytime Set-up Tool!

The VARIO Daytime Set-up Tool (DST) is a simple and convenient targeting device designed to help installers set up their lighting for surveillance cameras during the day.

Compatible with both Infra-Red and White-Light, the VARIO DST is fitted to the illuminator and allows the installer to look down the eye piece and target the illumination for fast and easy alignment during the day – specifically designed to ensure accurate alignment for longer range applications over 50m.

VARIO DST comes supplied with both allen/hex keys required for VARIO, meaning that DST is an invaluable companion when installing VARIO.

The VARIO DST helps deliver the very best evenly illuminated night time CCTV images. It helps to reduce visits to site, saving time, labour, travel costs and carbon emissions.



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