Exclusive: DCC Graeme Gerrard warns against piecemeal development

In this exclusive interview with SecurityNewsDesk.com, DCC Graeme Gerrard talks about CCTV ahead of his retirement in March.

Gerrard has been involved in the CCTV industry since 1998, looking after the police interest in the industry, and he says that CCTV is a vital investigative tool. He co-authored the National CCTV Strategy and in this interview he reflects on the lack of action by successive Home Secretaries and governments on the document’s 44 recommendations for CCTV.

The industry, he says, has developed in a piecemeal fashion and, without direction, will continue to do so.

He also reveals that he is about to undertake another research project into CCTV. You may recall last year that Gerrard and a colleague revealed their research into the number of CCTV cameras in the UK. 1.85 million was the figure they came up with and it appears to have been accepted as the new official figure by the media.

Now he is turning his attention to how effective CCTV is by conducting a survey of every homicide investigation in the UK during 2011. Did they use CCTV and if so, what impact did it have on the investigation? Did it help identify someone or establish the sequence of events? When it’s completed, the research promises to make compelling reading.

And he talks about his role in looking after CCTV for the Olympics.

It’s 6mins 30 seconds long but Graeme manages to say a lot in that short space of time, so well worth watching.

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