Excelerate announces new turnkey solutions package for Sherpa climbing CCTV camera

Sherpa CCTV
Sherpa CCTV

Sherpa CCTV

In a special package deal created by Excelerate Security Solutions, a member of the Excelerate Technology Group, customers can now buy a complete ‘turnkey’ Sherpa solution (head unit, delivery unit, electronics unit, hand held controller and peli case) along with a tripod and a huge range of camera system options for attachment to the head unit (including dual thermal cameras) – all for an overall system price substantially less than other market offerings.  

Sherpa can deliver CCTV coverage – fast – in places where it is most needed, including areas where there are no established CCTV networks or permanent CCTV coverage is not required.

Whether being used to help police forces during major public order events, supporting fire and rescue services with improved incident ground communications, combating cable theft from railway lines, enhancing prison security or protecting the public from muggings, the Sherpa system delivers high levels of effectiveness at low cost.

And with the new ‘incident command’ version of the system, an even wider variety of different COFDM camera systems can now be attached to the Sherpa unit, enabling users to obtain even greater value from their existing camera systems.

Sherpa is the highly innovative new ‘climbing camera’ CCTV and communications platform system that automatically climbs up poles and places cameras, including ANPR cameras, and other emergency response communications devices in high temporary viewing positions, giving police, emergency management, prison service and security personnel improved coverage of incidents and potential problems. Camera imagery can be controlled and viewed using iPads, iPhones or mobile and in-vehicle systems. Sherpa has the potential to make a major contribution to the policing of public order, transport and counter terror operations and is generating strong interest around the world.

The Sherpa System provides temporary or additional infrastructure where either none exists or has been compromised or requires further resilience.  The patented motorised system gives operators the ability to see, hear, think and manage via the integration and delivery of surveillance cameras, wireless networks, Tetra and GSM at the touch of a button.

The delivery unit simply eradicates the need for specialised lifting equipment and tools and instead provides a self-powered system that climbs to the required height and securely and automatically attaches the head unit complete with single or multiple communications technologies to a wide variety of euro spec lampposts. This high reach capability provides a vandal-proof system with interference-free coverage.

Already in use throughout the UK, North America, Canada, Australia and South Africa the Sherpa system is proving to be the next generation of rapid deployable surveillance solutions for the monitoring of anti-social behaviour and enhanced coverage within HM prisons and large-scale events. Integrated with COFDM transmission technology, once in place, control and viewing capabilities can be remotely operated from a peli-case, mobile incident command unit and also internal control rooms and available within 5 minutes of deploying within any location.


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