exacqVision now integrated with Prism Skylabs

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 12.25.51Exacq Technologies has announced new integration with Prism Skylabs to give exacqVision customers a turnkey solution to more effectively manage their business.

Key benefits include:

  • Real-time access to enhanced and privacy-protected images that can be viewed on a phone, laptop, or tablet
  • Powerful analytics, from foothpaths to counting to product lift
  • Infinite cloud storage of data and images

With the Prism Skylabs integration, exisiting exacqVision servers will be automatically detected and connected when the Prism Skylabs software is installed. This Prism Skylabs software has been tested and approved as a certified server application to run directly on the exacqVision server. Prism Skylabs’ cloud service collects information from the exacqVision server and video management system (VMS) software to create easy-to-understand visual summaries and reports that can be simultaneously accessed by any number of users. These reports and summaries include heatmaps, customer counts, and footpaths. These visual images and analytics can be accessed on demand, stored for any period of time, and shared easily via email.

“The new Prism Skylabs integration with exacqVision servers and VMS software provides our users with more tools to enhance their business intelligence and make smarter business decisions,” said Dave Underwood, president of Exacq Technologies. “This integration represents our commitment to adding third-party software applications to our exacqVision solution.”

The Prism Skylabs integration provides a new way for employees and business leaders to understand the activity occurring in their stores without having to watch hours of surveillance video. Now, exacqVision end users can better understand customer patterns and trends and gain new insights to transform their retail businesses.

In addition to business intelligence, Prism Skylabs enables visual merchandising to be conducted remotely, in real-time, and across any number of sites around the globe. The unique cloud service allows businesses to quickly jump from store to store on any smartphone, laptop, or tablet, and view stunning, privacy-protected images and visual summaries.

“Exacq’s open platform makes an excellent fit with Prism Skylabs.” said Prism Skylabs CEO and Founder Steve Russell. “exacqVision customers can easily add new visual merchandising and business intelligence features without the need for additional hardware.”

For more information on this exacqVision integration and other new updates and offerings, go to www.exacq.com.

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