Exacq and MAXXESS launch complete security solution

Exacq Technologies and MAXXESS Systems have joined forces to create an integrated video surveillance and security management system that sees software from both companies working in harmony to offer a complete security solution.

“The Exacq and Maxxess technical teams have worked closely together to ensure our mutual customers can take advantage of this exciting new development,” said Alan Lefford, Sales Manager for Exacq Technologies for Europe, Middle East, and Africa. “The solution ensures that alarms, access control, video, control functions and web based information, all interact to allow users to act swiftly and efficiently to any event.”

In a typical application, MAXXESS System’s eAXxess™ or eFusion™ software displays the nature and location of an event. It will also simultaneously alert pre-designated personnel and display the agreed policy and procedures governing the event. Running on the same network, the exacqVision VMS interacts with the MAXXESS software to display the related video and generate video forensics along with an event log, to provide a complete record of the incident.

eAXxess™ is MAXXESS’ access control and event management software platform.  eFusion™ is a suite of software modules which individually address specific security issues. When working together the modules, which include active directory, building management and identity management solutions, collectively provide a sophisticated global integrated security management system.  MAXXESS Systems developed eFusion™ to  provide users with the ability to respond quickly to events, make more informed decisions, make better use of manpower and share information throughout their organisation, whilst reducing operating security costs.

Viewpoint exacq Screen

Automated event driven solution

The combined Exacq and Maxxess solution is able to support the latest generation of IP network based megapixel cameras and features digital PTZ functionality on all cameras in live and recorded mode. exacqVision’s virtual matrix switching automatically routes video to a monitor when triggered by an alert from the MAXXESS software. A powerful multi-level mapping feature integrates seamlessly with video streams. Any number of maps can be added to indicate the location of the alarm and image source. Authorised users can remotely monitor and control the system from any PC work station on the network with the option to view, search and playback video from a smart phone.

“One of the key attributes of the exacqVision VMS is how easy it is to configure and use,” said Lee Copland, Managing Director EMEA for MAXXESS Systems. “It complements perfectly our security management software solutions and it is not surprising therefore that the combination of our two companies working together in this way has already attracted considerable interest from our worldwide network of business partners and customers.”




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