Ex-hackers can boost business cyber-security, claim 70% of IT firms

cyber-attackA new survey has found that seven out of ten IT professionals would hire ex-hackers for cyber-security roles within their organisations.

The study of 352 tech professionals by website CWJobs.co.uk found that 40 per cent of respondents think there are not enough skilled cyber-security professionals in the UK.

More than half (56 per cent) said that businesses do not take IT security seriously enough, with seven out of ten admitting demand for skilled cyber-security experts is on the increase.

Due to the rising demand, 70 per cent said hiring former computer hackers would be a solution to helping businesses improve their cyber-security.

Some 95 per cent admitted that large organisations had the greatest need for such skilled cyber-security experts.

Richard Nott, website director at CWJobs.co.uk, said: “These findings present an interesting tactic for those keen to find new ways to meet the demand for security professionals within their organisations – though perhaps one that should be treated with some caution.

“What is clear though, is that cyber threats are growing and evolving on an almost daily basis, so having skilled candidates who understand and can navigate this environment to protect the business is now crucial.”

The UK Ministry of Defence revealed last week they want to recruit hundreds of computer experts to defend national security as part of a squad of ‘cyber reservists’.

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said at the annual Conservative Party conference the Government’s cyber defences blocked around 400,000 malicious threats last year and the new unit will be capable of launching attacks in cyberspace, if required.

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