Everything at a glance with the RIVA 3 MP 360° camera

Everything at a glance with the RIVA 3 MP 360° camera

Everything at a glance with the RIVA 3 MP 360° camera

360° cameras are the ideal solution for covering areas with just one camera. The integrated wide-angle lens enables a comprehensive overview of the monitored area.

Consequently, the number of used cameras can be reduced to a minimum. One 360° camera is able to replace up to eight standard cameras. In this manner, a large amount of costs can be saved.

The RIVA RC2103HD-6511 3 MP wide-angle lens IP camera is designed for indoor applications. It covers a 360° panoramic view of the monitored area. Thereby the 3 MP camera is perfectly suitable as an overview camera as well as for retail applications – e.g. boutiques, jewellers and petrol stations.

Like in all RIVA cameras, the standard version of the powerful video analysis (VCA) is already integrated and can be extended by optional filters. The ONVIF compatibility allows an easy integration of RIVA cameras into existing systems. Moreover, this new cameras offers features like Micro SD card slot for local recoding, PoE, WDR, contact I/O and many more.

RIVA® stands for Realtime Intelligent Video Analytics and provides universally deployable surveillance cameras and servers for indoor and outdoor applications.

All RIVA® cameras are delivered with the intelligent “onboard” video analytics (VCA) as a standard at no extra costs. Thereby, video images are already analyzed and evaluated before either being saved in the camera or transmitted for storage. Thus, the transmission of large data volume is avoided and high costs for storage belong to the past. Additionally, false alarms are significantly reduced.

Whether in supermarkets, banks, multi-storey car parks, at petrol stations or airports: RIVA® cameras, designed as box, dome and speed dome cameras, bullet and compact cameras are universally deployable and bound to impress with their excellent image quality at resolutions from VGA / D1 up to 2 megapixels / 1080P Full-HD.

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