Euro 2016 and Rio Olympics Security in SecurityNewsDesk #19

Euro 2016 and Rio Olympics security in SecurityNewsDesk #19

The latest in Surveillance, Biometrics, Euro 2016 and Rio Olympics Security in SecurityNewsDesk #19

The latest Issue of the SecurityNewsDesk Newspaper is out now!

The SecurityNewsDesk Newspaper aims to challenge the reader and the security industry; to provoke a conversation about the nature and future of security around the world.

In Issue 19 of the SecurityNewsDesk Newspaper, we take a look at the following:

    • Playing tough with security for Euro 2016 - Page 1 & 13 
      Tackling the measures taken to secure the biggest football event of the year - the European Championship 2016.
    • Maritime Security - Insider Threat and Operation Sophia - Page 4 & 5
      SecurityNewsDesk's Maritime Correspondent, Steven Jones, discusses the insider threats in the maritime industry and Feature's Editor, Tim Compston, takes a closer look at the EU mission to tackle people smuggling in the Mediterranean.
    • Surveillance - Camera Resolution and Compression - Page 8-9
      SecurityNewsDesk finds out that in the race for megapixels there is more than meets the eye to High Definition and Ultra HD 4K IP-based video surveillance cameras.
    • Industry Interview - Professor Richard English, Director of the Handa Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at St Andrews - Page 11
      Tim Compston speaks to Professor Richard English to gauge his thoughts on the growing terrorist threat and the lessons, if any, we can take from previous campaigns of violence.
    • The race to secure the Rio Olympics - Page 12 -13
      SecurityNewsDesk finds out more about the security preparations for the Olympics in Rio, including a ground-breaking aerostat-based platform, as Brazil hits troubled times.
    • Biometrics Market Report - Page 16-17
      From face to fingerprint, SecurityNewsDesk investigates the changing nature of biometrics for access control and the way in which contactless solutions are beginning to make their mark.
    • Cyber Security - Page 20 - 21
      SecurityNewsDesk talks to Zscaler on the security dangers within Virtual Private Networks, James Barrett from Endace discusses whether or not there is still hope in being able to defend a network, and Graham Mann from Encode UK, talks signature and signature-less based breach detection.

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