EtherWAN announced the release of Ethernet extenders

EtherWAN Systems, Inc. has launched the ED3501 and ED3541 Ethernet Extenders. Both models provide excellent Ethernet Extension performance via single RJ11 cable or a pair of copper wires; the data transfer rate is able to reach 100Mbps at 300-meter point-to-point distance, and the maximum distance is up to 2600 meters with 1Mbps data rate.

EtherWAN’s new Ethernet Extenders are used in a pair, offering point-to-point data transmissions with longer distance, wider bandwidth and better performance. Besides, they provide flexible settings to adapt the user’s line quality. For instance, the auto detection of Local/Remote operation and symmetric/asymmetric data communication mode by DIP switch.

The ED3541 Hardened Ethernet extender, designed to work under rough zones in -40°C to 75°C operation temperature, features a DIN-rail form factor and Link Down Relay (LDR) function to perform stable reconnection when a port link-down occurs.

The compact ED3501 runs with either ED3501 or ED3541 to operate under -10°C to 60°C environments, i.e., factories or buildings without air-condition pampered. Rack-mount chassis EMC1600 is available for option when the ED3501 is installed in a rack. Alternatively, when compact DIN-rail mounting installation is preferred for the ED3501, the EMC400 is available for user’s choice.

Upgrading an existing legacy control or data communication system to a new IP-based solution is usually a complicated task, especially when existing cable infrastructure is old copper or twisted pair cable. EtherWAN offers a solution to this dilemma. The new ED3501 and ED3541 provide Ethernet connection and extension over these copper wire cables. Using Ethernet extenders is significantly lower in cost than replacing a cable plant and extends the life of your installed infrastructure. EtherWAN ED3501 and ED3541 are built specifically for industrial or harsh environments with high shock/vibration endurance, electrical noise immunity and ruggedized housing. Both models are now available for shipment. Choose EtherWAN — When Connectivity is Crucial.


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