Ernitec presents disaster recovery tool for surveillance servers

ernitecThe Ernitec Smart Recovery (ESR) is a unique disaster recovery tool providing easy and reliable recovery in case of malfunctioning operating system or VMS software.

Ernitec develops, produces and markets reliable and high quality video surveillance equipment for professionals all over the world.

“As a supplier for the professional market we endeavour to provide the most outstanding solutions for our customers ”, says Sales Director Morten Frederiksen from Ernitec. “Our brand new ESR tool is the first and currently only disaster recovery tool for surveillance servers, providing up to four images to choose from and all with just three clicks of a mouse. ”

About Ernitec Smart Recovery (ESR)

The Ernitec Smart Recovery tool works with Ernitec EVR software, Milestone and several other software, and ensures that ALL recordings are retained in case of software problems.

This means that even if you restore an image 6 months old, ALL recordings to that date will be available after the restore by simply pressing F6 when booting the server. This is due to the concept of a “Hidden Smart Container” where all image updates are made. Note: For your recordings not to be lost, recording databases should not resided on the C:drive, as prescribed and recommended by Ernitec, Milestone and other VMS vendors in general.

Since most of server malfunctions are software related, and not hardware related, the new ESR tool will save customers massive amount of money making error diagnostics and reinstallation, because all software malfunctions can now be fixed immediately and at the customers location.

There are 4 restore points to select from when making a recovery, so the customer can choose to go back to factory default, or when the installer commissioned the system with the final end user settings. All these points can be selected to help determine when the fault occurred, but most important – the server will be running and recording as its supposed to immediately after the restore.

How to get ESR

ESR will be built into all future Ernitec ESR servers. The new Build series part numbers all have the suffix ESR to show this feature will be installed.

For further information please contact your local Ernitec reseller/installer or visit

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