eneo cameras guard the largest vehicle dealer in Finland

Autotalo Laakkonen (Eng: Laakkonen Vehicle Dealership) is the biggest car dealer in Finland. The family-run business employs 1,400 people in its current 30 outlets across the country. The big-name brands sold include BMW, Audi, VW, Subaru and Peugeot. Overall turnover in 2013 was € 700 m.

The company asked BLC Turva (eneo’s partner firm and the largest security integrator in eastern Finland) to provide security and access control systems for its branches. BLC was voted the best enterprise in its sector in Finland in 2014. The company is based in Joensuu, not far from Laakkonen’s headquarters.

The security expert has been providing complete security solutions to Autotalo Laakkonen since 2005. Apart from video management software from Mirasys, network cameras from eneo are also integral system components: over 250 IP domes and IP bullet cameras have been installed to date. The installations run from 10 cameras up to 35, depending on the size of the dealership in question.

Protecting staff, deterring vandals and deciding questions of liability: multiple tasks for IP video security systems
Video surveillance performs multiple security functions for the vehicle dealerships in the Laakkonen Group. Particular attention is paid to staff safety. A lot of money is taken in the course of a working day at cash points, such as the service reception or the spare parts counter. There have been hold-ups late in the day on some occasions in the past. Cameras (such as the high-resolution eneo IP dome PXD-2080MIR from Callisto series) raise the feeling of safety amongst staff, act as a deterrent and can deliver evidence in case of crime.

Round-the-clock surveillance is required on the forecourt. Vandalism and minor thefts (such as tyres) are by far the biggest problem here; it is rare that a complete car is stolen. Models such as the PTZ network dome PXD-2018PTZ1080 (designed for day & night deployment at temperatures from -40°C to 50°C) are deployed to cut the number of incidents from every-so-often to zero.
Video monitoring of the roller gates to the workshop is important for liability reasons. The cameras document the general state of each vehicle brought in for servicing. This enables the validity of any claims to damages to be checked, such as scratches to paintwork.

Sophisticated installation solutions, robust engineering
Jani Lehikoinen has worked for the group since 2005. He started his career as a construction site foreman and knows every branch outlet like the back of his hand or perhaps even better: from the basement up to the roof. He is nowadays responsible for all Laakkonen’s real estate holdings and properties. He says: “I was convinced by eneo’s price/performance ratio. The integration in Mirasys also ran smoothly and we have had very few disturbances to date. We really appreciate the installation solutions; I’m particularly thinking here about the AK-5 easy installation box for the Callisto domes. Among other items, we’ve successfully deployed the new PXD-2080 series models with the connection box in our installations. You can see that someone has clearly put some thought into this.”

Juha Oksanen, Senior Key Account Manager at BLC Turva, adds: “The weather here in Finland is generally anything but clement. That places stringent requirements on the equipment. However, eneo’s video cameras are robust and can cope without problem. In addition, the product design remains pleasingly constant, so that the bullets and domes don’t change with each new generation. The support provided by eneo, sometimes even in Finnish, is also exemplary.”

Autotalo Laakkonen is planning to open two or three new branches in the Greater Helsinki area by 2016. In view of the double satisfaction of both integrator and end customer, it looks very much as if eneo IP cameras will continue to improve safety for people and raise security for assets here, too.

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