Elmdene targets Saudi Arabia distribution deal for switch mode power supplies at IFSEC Arabia

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Elmdene switch mode PSU

Elmdene International Limited, a subsidiary of Potter Electric Signal, LLC and innovative electronic security and fire products manufacturer, intends to spotlight the industry-leading capabilities of its switch mode Power Supply Units (PSU) at the IFSEC & OSH Arabia exhibition (Hall 3, Stand 018) which is happening in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, between the 24th and 26th of November, as part of a drive to secure a local distribution deal and to better connect with key integrators based in the Kingdom.

The efficient and reliable PSUs that Elmdene will be showcase in at IFSEC & OSH Arabia are built around switch mode technology and are ideally suited for intruder alarm, access control, video surveillance and fire applications. By focusing on switch mode PSUs Elmdene is demonstrating its vision to see these solutions in use across the wider EMEA region, compared to more traditional linear power supplies. The company confirms that sales of the latest PSUs are up by an impressive 35%, year-on-year, and entry to the Saudi market is designed to push this figure up even further.

According to Elmdene the surge in interest around switch mode PSUs is being generated by a number of pivotal factors. When deployed, for example, the company reports that switch mode units offer a higher level of efficiency (typically 80-87%) and, correspondingly, lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint. Given that they run significantly cooler than established designs the PSUs are reckoned to be less susceptible to failure, something which is even more of a factor in higher temperature environments. Crucially, thanks to a wide operating range, the PSUs are well placed to cope with the 110V supply found in Saudi and Elmdene’s models are very tolerant of input mains voltage fluctuations. Beyond this, the PSUs have been developed with the latest industry standards in mind and are subject to a rigorous testing process.

Alongside the switch mode PSU ranges, which are to be the focal point during IFSEC & OSH Arabia, Elmdene also plans to highlight advanced Power over Ethernet (PoE) standby solutions which, it says, can provide a critical safety net for security, access control and IT applications. Elmdene has also developed a compact and cost effective in-line UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), the UPS12-2200. This is designed, specifically, to backup 12V dc devices up to 10W (800mA) such as CCTV cameras and door locks. In addition, the company has a wide selection of internal and external sounders for use with intruder alarm systems.

Speaking about the decision to exhibit at IFSEC & OSH Arabia, Paul King, Elmdene’s Commercial Director, feels that there is tremendous potential for the company, which is celebrating a half century in business this year, to establish a presence in Saudi Arabia, especially where its PSUs are concerned: “Strategically it makes sense for us to expand Elmdene’s product offering in the Kingdom given our considerable success across other parts of the Middle East where our PSUs have been specified, for example, to power mission-critical security and fire systems in major transportation and oil and gas sector projects.

“The IFSEC & OSH Arabia event will provide an invaluable opportunity to talk to distributors, agents and integrators on the ground who have a strong understanding of what is, by far, the largest market for fire and security solutions in the region. From a technology perspective, we feel that the heightened efficiency, and the ability of our switch mode PSUs to cope with fluctuations in power – often found in more remote areas – thanks to electronic protection and a wide voltage input, gives us an edge over many less capable vendors in the marketplace.”

For more information on Elmdene and its products  visit Hall 3, Stand O18, during IFSEC & OSH Arabia, or visit www.elmdene.co.uk.

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