Elmdene launches new fuse output module targeted at CCTV applications

Elmdene's fuse output module
Elmdene's fuse output module

Elmdene's fuse output module

Innovative electronic security and fire products manufacturer, Elmdene International Limited – a subsidiary of Potter Electric Signal, LLC – has added a new, installer-friendly, DIN rail mountable, 8-way Fuse Output Module (FOM8/DIN) targeted at CCTV applications to its extensive range of ancillary devices.

The enhanced DIN Rail FOM8 fits easily into equipment racks and builds on the success of Elmdene’s existing FOM8 product line. In practice, the unit gives security installers convenient access to 8 independently fused outputs. This is especially beneficial when a solution requires the powering of multiple CCTV cameras. The DIN Rail FOM8 is suitable for power voltages of up to 50V DC and has a 6A maximum current rating.

For each output the DIN Rail FOM8 comes with a ‘health’ status LED indicator which ensures that blown fuses can be identified at a glance and is supplied, as standard, with 8 T500 mA output fuses. In addition, an on-board switch allows outputs to be turned off, as required, for safe installation and maintenance. Being compatible with a DIN rail means that the unit is ideally suited to modular applications, where racks are being employed, and for retrofitting into existing enclosures. There is also the potential, if required, for the DIN Rail FOM8 to be installed using its four mounting lugs.

Featuring the same footprint as Elmdene’s unboxed G Range 1, 2 and 3A Switch Mode Power Supply Units (PSUs), it is possible for security installers to use the two elements together to deliver a flexible, multi-channel, energy-saving modular power supply solution.

Said Ian Moore, Managing Director of Elmdene International Limited: “The new DIN rail mounted FOM8 has been designed to sit alongside our range of DIN rail mounted switch mode power supplies. This combination offers a completely modular solution for any amount of power to any number of camera outputs. The LED indicator and fuse per channel aids protection, minimises disruption to other devices and supports fast fault finding. Having the same form as the power supplies, the finished solution in any housing looks aesthetically matched. With field components and personal safety in mind, the onboard power switch enables the rest of the system to remain on while any fuses are changed. This product has been designed following requests for a truly modular and versatile CCTV power solution as every system will be different. We believe that, alongside our energy saving switch mode power supplies, we have created a strong solution.”

The CE Marked DIN Rail FOM8 can be purchased through Elmdene’s usual distribution partners. A datasheet highlighting the key features of the device is also available for download on the Elmdene website at www.elmdene.co.uk.

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