Elmdene launches new compact Uninterruptible Power Supply



Innovative electronic security and fire products manufacturer, Elmdene International Limited – a subsidiary of Potter Signal, LLC – announces the launch of a new compact in-line 12V dc UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), the UPS12-2200. The high performance unit has been designed primarily to provide vital back-up power for critical security systems in the event of an input power failure.

The miniature UPS measures only 95 x 57 x 34 mm and, to optimise performance, incorporates the latest Li-Po (Lithium-ion Polymer) battery technology. Able to back-up 12V dc devices up to 10W (800mA), including CCTV cameras and door locks, the new UPS12-2200 can also be deployed in conjunction with Elmdene’s VRS121000EB AND VRS121000EE encapsulated power supply units from its Vision range.

The back-up time delivered by the UPS is up to 2 ½ hours dependent on the load. Other key features of the UPS12-2200 include: surge and lightning protection, an advanced battery life management system and in-built protection against overload and short circuit. A LED indicator offers simple visual indication of status.

Said Ian Moore, Managing Director at Elmdene International Limited: “At Elmdene we believe that the UPS12-2200 meets a real need in the marketplace for a small footprint UPS solution that can provide the back-up demanded by today’s security systems. With our UPS in place users have the reassurance that, should there be a power outage, a safety net is in place allowing critical CCTV and other security elements to function rather than simply going off-line and leaving security gaps which criminals may look to exploit.”

All Elmdene products come with a warranty of between one and five years. The UPS12-2200 is supplied with a one year warranty. For more information on the UPS12-2200 please Tel: +44(0)23 9269 6638, email: sales@elmdene.co.uk or log on to www.elmdene.co.uk. Elmdene also has a YouTube Channel which can be found at www.youtube.com/user/ElmdeneInternational and a Twitter account: ElmdeneIntLtd.


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