Elmdene hails a successful inaugural IFSEC Istanbul

Visitors on Elmdene's stand during IFSEC Istanbul

Elmdene International – a subsidiary of Potter Electric Signal – have reported a successful debut at IFSEC Istanbul with the company being impressed by the high quality of attendees that came to its stand during the exhibition, held earlier this month.

Elmdene used the event to launch its solutions – including switch mode PSUs (Power Supply Units) – into the Turkish market for the first time and, crucially, to target the right distribution agreements to ramp up its growing business across the wider region.

Elmdene, a member of the BSIA (British Security Industry Association), and the trade body’s Export Council, was exhibiting as part of the UK Pavilion at IFSEC Istanbul. According to the company, visitors were particularly interested in its highly efficient and reliable switch mode PSUs with those for fire, intruder and CCTV applications most in demand. When deployed, Elmdene says that the latest switch mode units offer an enhanced level of efficiency (typically 80-87%) and, correspondingly, lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint. In addition, because they run significantly cooler than established designs the PSUs are reckoned to be less susceptible to failure. Significantly, thanks to a wide operating range, Elmdene’s models are very tolerant of input mains voltage fluctuations.

Alongside the switch mode PSUs, the company’s range of external and internal sounders, for use with intruder alarm systems, and IR exit devices are very much in the frame for future orders thanks to IFSEC Istanbul. Considering Elmdene’s IR exit devices, with adjustable latch and trigger times, these are designed for installation where there is a requirement to open doors without physically touching a button to limit the transfer of contamination and germs. Typical applications include: hospitals, laboratories, engineering facilities and food preparation areas.

Paul King, Elmdene’s commercial director, who was on stand throughout the event, said: “Looking back, we are very pleased with how IFSEC Istanbul has gone for us. It was not so much the footfall but rather the quality of the people we saw, from distributors to systems integrators and installers, that made it such a worthwhile exercise for us. In fact I would say that over 80% were at, or above, the level we were looking for.

Elmdene_IR Exit_PSU_Rapier_ (2)“Regarding our switch mode PSUs, I think that one of the reasons that there appeared to be such an appetite for the models we offer – especially on the intruder alarm front – can be put down to the fact that Turkey is keen to join the EU and, consequently, is looking to the EN50131 standard for electronic security systems. The same is true on the fire side with many Turkish systems adopting the EN54 standard. Of course, at a practical level, the heightened efficiency and the ability of our PSUs to cope with fluctuations in power – often found in more remote areas – are strong selling points, with electronic protection and a wide voltage input capability well received by prospective customers.”

On the subject of linking up with local distributors, King says that significant progress has already been made thanks to Elmdene’s attendance at IFSEC Istanbul: “It is still early days but we were able to see pretty much all of the key distributors covering the Turkish market, some we already knew and some for the first time. This was one of the main reasons for us being at the show in the first place and we are optimistic, moving forward, that commercial opportunities will come out of these initial contacts, in fact we will be back in Turkey next month (November) to follow-up on the interest already expressed.”

Beyond Turkey, IFSEC Istanbul also provided Elmdene with an opportunity to promote its solutions to an even wider audience, reveals King: “Interestingly, probably two-thirds of the visitors we talked to at IFSEC Istanbul were from outside Turkey, with Europe, the Middle East and North Africa well represented. This was an added bonus for us with prospective customers from as far afield as Bulgaria, Romania, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, and even Nigeria, all making an appearance on our stand.”

For more information on Elmdene and its products please call +44(0)23 9269 6638, email: sales@elmdene.co.uk and log on to www.elmdene.co.uk. The company is particularly interested in hearing from distributors in Turkey who may want to stock its solutions. Elmdene also has a YouTube Channel which can be found at www.youtube.com/ElmdeneInternational, you can also follow the company on Twitter at twitter.com/ElmdeneIntLtd.

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