Eliminate system outage with Dantech MultispanUPS(TM)

Eliminate system outage with Dantech MultispanUPSTM

Eliminate system outage with Dantech MultispanUPS

Dantech Electronic Engineering, the UK manufacturer of specialist power supplies and ancillary equipment designed specifically for security applications, is promoting the use of PoE power supplies with stand-by battery backup, for all mission critical surveillance, access control, intercom, telecom, intruder, fire and lighting systems – with MultispanUPSTM.

A PoE uninterruptible power supply (UPS), Dantech’s MultispanUPS provides true uninterruptable power, providing highly reliable PoE power for any network device. Providing emergency power to any connected IP device, when the input power source, typically mains power, fails, MultispanUPS differs from an auxiliary or emergency power system, or standby generator. It provides instantaneous protection from input power interruptions by supplying energy stored in its stand-by battery.

This allows PoE connected devices such as IP cameras, edge recording devices, access controlled doors or two-way intercoms to maintain their operation – avoiding IP camera reboot time (and the associated potential for missing invaluable video footage), access doors remaining uncontrolled, or loss of voice or video communications. The battery back-up PoE architecture of MultispanUPS is also particularly effective for use to power PoE devices situated at distance from the main system or control room, such as perimeter security, access control or telecoms.

The simple design of Dantech’s MultispanUPS products allows installers to connect to PoE powered devices easily and quickly – meaning faster installation, set-up and maintenance. And as a dedicated security systems product vs. an IT product designed for general applications, MultispanUPS ensures CCTV installers retain total control of security systems operation and maintenance, without the need to involve IT departments or 3rd party IT suppliers.

Additionally, MultispanUPS can be used to relieve pressure on existing UPS systems, to extend system stand-by times and to increase available PoE power. Multi-port models provide streamlined power protection, meaning users can manage power quality and availability to protect all connected devices from one location, rather than via multiple, disparate outlets. In this way, time and money can be saved by deploying MultispanUPS, as there is no need to install expensive and time consuming separate power cabling to a centrally located UPS, AC outlets, wall AC adapters and individual power protection devices – MultispanUPS provides an economical solution to power and protects any number of networked PoE devices.

All MultispanUPS versions feature secure ‘plug & play’ connectivity with no software management, whilst power can be located at central, midspan or edge locations. They also feature a secure enclosure with all connections inside and unique anti-tamper contacts, which can be used to increase physical system security. Making installation and set-up easy, the new power supplies allow direct engineer access via a laptop, to any connected PoE devices, allowing faster remote set-up and maintenance.

Saving further money and protecting the environment, thanks to Dantech’s switched mode technology, MultispanUPS power supplies also reduce a business’s carbon emissions / energy consumption and running costs, compared to traditional transformer based power supply equipment.

The range of Dantech MultispanUPS solutions include Indoor and Outdoor (IP66 rated) single, 2 & 4-port versions, and 4 & 8 port 19” rack-mount enclosure models to suit all applications.

To find out more about eliminating system outage, and the range of secure, power-saving MultispanUPS PoE power supplies, please contact Dantech on Tel. 01621 856850 email: sales@dantech.uk.com or visit them at: www.dantech.uk.com.

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