Eligo Fire & Security launch new recruitment product and service

Eligo Fire & Security

Eligo Fire & Security launch new recruitment product and service

Eligo Fire & Security Recruitment is pleased to announce the launch of Eligo IQ – the intelligent selection process; a brand new, market changing recruitment product that has been labelled the “most important recruitment innovation in 20 years”.
Eligo IQ is an online, multimedia candidate behavioural assessment and presentation tool that enables clients to engage in a full 360 recruitment service saving both time and money.

Eligo is excited by this scientific approach, that has adapted to the current career market, needs and limitations of existing recruitment processes, ensuring the best possible hire and retained through an easy, transparent and accessible service.

Key features include:

  • Managers collaborate to identify the ideal characteristics of their future employee through the completion of an intelligent survey, ensuring all parties are on the exact same page.
  • Candidates access the Eligo IQ portal to build their profile, complete cutting edge psychometric testing, to match up to the initial survey results and produce a shortlist of the best matched candidates.
  • Candidates upload video interviews to the portal, speeding up the entire first round interview process, whilst they are also tasked with answering a series of key competency questions.
  • Managers view and review candidates instantly across multiple locations, with all content easily shareable to colleagues anywhere in the world.
  • The hiring company’s brand is protected with a branded, customised portal and processes tailored exclusively to the company.

Eligo Fire & Security is offering this service to ensure that we are able to provide the fullest and most complete level of service to our clients, with emphasis on ease, time, and results. The process behind Eligo IQ takes the risk and guesswork out of hiring, with 96% of candidates still with the company 12 months later.

John Guest, Eligo Fire & Security Divisional Director is is thrilled with the process, with many clients already seeing the benefits of the service. He said, “A number of companies make their hiring decisions based on a gut feeling and on experience whereby most employees are dismissed based on their attitudes and behaviours, with miss-hires costing companies thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours of time each year.”
In particular John has noticed that clients have been particularly impressed by its innovative behavioural job fit assessments which scientifically match talent. These behavioural assessments enable the company to save time defining the role, conducting fewer interviews, on training and induction, drastically improving both staff retention rates and cost to hire.

“Our new service is a blend of science, recruitment craft, and technology, intelligently selecting the next perfect hire whilst ensuring a fast, easy, and comprehensive service,” he said.


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