Elastic introduces one-click, open endpoint protection

end point protection

Elastic is making endpoint security free and open for everyone, whether their endpoints are on-premises or in the cloud. 

Free and open Elastic endpoint security is the same machine learning-powered malware prevention for known and unknown malware with a 99%+ block rate and zero false positives that the company is known for.

Users gain business-certified prevention against malware on Windows and macOS systems in a single, streamlined interface to make centralised management easier than ever. As part of the extended ecosystem of Elastic Security, users will also benefit from free access to 100+ prebuilt adversary behavior protections mapped directly to MITRE ATT&CK.

Elastic believes that transparency and collaboration must be the new norm for the greater infosec community to succeed in stopping threats at scale.

With many individuals now working from home, new endpoints need to be secured and IT teams are rushing years of planning into a few months to onboard distributed employees and resources – all while managing a global shift that is bringing new adversary behaviors targeting the new remote workforce.

Organisations need to react fast, implement new controls, and do it all while managing existing budgets and staff. Making Elastic endpoint security completely free and open helps level the playing field for organisations that are struggling with the typically high cost and complexity of adopting effective endpoint security. It is part of the Elastic ethos toward openness, transparency, and collaboration.

In the year since Elastic joined forces with Endgame, the company has continued to push the boundaries of free and open enterprise security software by:

Now, Elastic is delivering free and open endpoint security to all users with easier-than-ever centralised management.


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