Edge360 and CNL offer awareness for law enforcement

CNL Software, a world leader in Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software, is pleased to announce that Value Added Distributor, Edge360, has integrated its Search360™ with IPSecurityCenter™ PSIM to offer enhanced situational awareness for law enforcement. The two companies have been collaborating on federal, state and local law enforcement projects in the US to deliver cohesive public safety solutions.

Designed in conjunction with operators from the Atlanta Police Department Video Integration Center (VIC), Search360™ is an enterprise search and investigative tool. Search360™ utilizes modern search engines such as Google and Lucene toallow law enforcement organizations in addition to federal, state and local clients to search across multiple databases. Details such as prior incidents at the same address, license plate numbers or descriptions of subjects is called upon to gain additional situational awareness which is applied to preparation, response and recovery activities.

“Atlanta Police Department have instant access to 2,500+ cameras and the other security systems throughout the city that integrate into IPSecurityCenter PSIM, offering central, real-time situational awareness in the control room”, explains John Rezzonico, CEO at Edge360. “On top of this, Search360 allows operators access to more than 160 million records across multiple databases; providing responding officers with instant access to additional information when they need it.”

Lieutenant LeAnne Browning, Video Integration Center Project Director, Atlanta Police Department says, “When you take state-of-the-art technologies including IPSecurityCenter PSIM and Search360 and combine it with our wisdom and training as law enforcement professionals, it has the potential to significantly affect the quality of life in Atlanta.”

“The integration between Search360 and IPSecurityCenter PSIM offers law enforcement agencies, such as Atlanta Police, a comprehensive situational intelligence solution which goes a long way to aid first responders and improve public safety”, says Warren van der Merwe, VP Business Development at CNL Software – USA. “Working with innovative partners such as Edge360 is key to developing intelligent management solutions for all aspects of safe city security; from supporting law enforcement staff in their day-to-day functions to providing the immediate situational awareness in times of emergency.”

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