EBTCO Launches FV Multimodel FingerPrint at IFSEC

multimodel fingerprint

multibio logoEBTCO, global innovators in access control and time attendance systems, have chosen IFSEC International 2014 for the launch of their latest product – a multimodel fingerprint and fingervein biometrics system for the identification and verification of employees, civilians, bankers, visitors, inmates, patients in hospitals, students in testing centers and projects requiring a reliable and unique capturing technology using the fusion of fingerprint and fingervein biometrics data.

multibioThe first product to incorporate two different sensors and a multitouch screen for enhanced interactivity between users and backend systems for the application of time attendance, access control, pension payment requiring two-factor authentication or other projects requiring strong identification of fingers.
With years of experience in the field, EBTCO made unique advancements to the introduction of the FV multimodel terminal to compete in the current and upcoming market. “By using the combination of two biometric sensors in such environment, we ensure almost zero failure to enroll especially when dealing with difficult fingers including wet, dry, dirty and instable bloodstreams,” said Khaled Alamri, founder and CEO of EBTCO.

multibioThe FV Multimodel allow for further customization to act as a self-service device using a unique model of authentication and verification. For example, an employee can see the latest attendance records by interacting with the device and providing the right credentials. A retired person can see history of last pension payment transactions before using the system for identification. Thanks to the combination of strong bio details that are captured simultaneously with the aid of multitouch screen offering a unique solution and opening new opportunities for new case uses for small, medium and large organizations.

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