Easy implementation of EU GDPR-compliant video security equipment: Dallmeier presents combined module for data protection, data security

EU GDPR ready

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) affirms the great importance of data protection and data security, but does not spell out any regulations relating specifically to video security systems. With the 14 functions of the Dallmeier module, businesses can configure their video systems individually so that each is compliant with the requirements of the EU GDPR.

The video solution must satisfy the criteria for data protection

With regard to data protection, which is to say the safeguarding of data protection principles and the rights of data subjects, Dallmeier offers four components, specifically the pixellation of entire individuals by “people masking”, the set-up of “private zones” in the captured image to render public areas invisible, for example, and the definition of the maximum storage duration for each camera.

Optionally, Dallmeier customers can also use a detailed virtual 3D simulation as early as the project planning stage to define which areas are not significant for data protection purposes due to image quality.

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