Easy access management with ASSA’s CLIQ™ range

ASSA, part of Security Solutions, a division of ASSA ABLOY UK, has updated the web manager system for its CLIQ™ Remote solution.

CLIQ™ Web Manager makes it easier for adminstrators to manage security centrally via web-based software and often eliminates the need to service and monitor locks on site.

CLIQ™ Remote is a solution designed for larger masterkey suites, remote sites and companies with a geographical spread of operations. Providing users with remote access to a building, regardless of location, through a secure web connection.

The new CLIQ™ Web Manager system enables administrators to update authorisations for multiple keys at the same time in a bulk operation. Improvements have also been made in how authorisations are organised and displayed, saving time.

The introduction of a search tool has made it easier to remove authorisations in cases where the user credential lists are long. The filter enables particular cylinders or cylinder groups to be easily located.
Nojmol Islam, Product Manager for ASSA, said: “Over the course of this year there has been a number of updates to the CLIQ™ Remote system that have made it easier to update access rights. The introduction of the mobile key updater and wall PD has enabled users to update access rights without visiting their administrator.

“The new CLIQ™ Web Manager system now makes it easier for the administrator to change access rights for both small and large organisations, saving them time.

“The system also informs the administrator when the number of access entries in the key exceeds the key’s capacity.”

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