Dynamic Mount Pedestal fixes X-SERIES™ cameras to rapid deployment CCTV systems

RV_DYNAMIC_MNT with Dome (Custom)The Dynamic Mount Pedestal (RV-DYNAMIC-MNT) from Redvision allows the X-SERIES™ PTZ and dome cameras to be attached to most rapid deployment and vehicle-mounted CCTV system towers. The rugged Dynamic Mount is specifically designed to withstand the vibrations experienced in mobile applications. It fits to standard tower or pole fixings on a 4 inch, pitch circle diameter, using four 6mm lock nut fixings.

“The X-SERIES™ camera is a popular choice for rapid deployment CCTV systems, due to its rugged, vibration resistant design,” explains Paul Hucker, Managing Director of UK-based CCTV manufacturer, Redvision. “A 10m flying lead is included with the mount for simple installation. The lead attaches to the X-SERIES™ camera’s Amphenol 7 way connector, to provide power, video and PTZ control. It can be ‘cable managed’ through the Dynamic Mount’s hollow tube section, connecting to the CCTV system controller. Alternatively, it can be directed out through a 20mm gland entry point in the side of the mount, if that is more convenient.”

The RV-DYNAMIC-MNT is compatible with X-SERIES™ PTZ and dome cameras fitted with a corresponding Dynamic Mount interface. This is built in to the camera, at no extra charge, and must be specified at point of order. The mount is supplied complete with the 10m flying lead, Allen key and all necessary lock nuts, bolts and washers.

A full datasheet can be downloaded from the Redvision website RedvisionCCTV.com.

Contact Redvision on 01420 448 448 or visit redvisioncctv.com for more information.

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