Dycon Power Solutions launches innovative security power supply

Dycon Power Solutions launches innovative security power supply

Dycon Power Solutions launches innovative security power supply for use in plastic housing

Dycon Power Solutions Ltd has launched the XLoTM range, featuring a revolutionary new power technology that is designed to offer reliable, battery backed-up, switched-mode power supplies for use in today’s increasingly popular plastic housings.

Manufacturers of electronic products are keen to harness the benefits that modern plastic housings can bring but, too often, these offer little or no barrier to EMC emissions and to comply with EN55022 Class B and other safety standards, they are forced to rely on conventional metal-boxed or metal-shielded Power Supply Units.

Dycon Power Solution’s Team has developed an XLoTM power supply unit that effectively dissipates most extraneous RF signals, dramatically reducing EMC emissions whilst still delivering a full 3Amp output @>85% efficiency and with battery back-up facilities.

Units have been thoroughly tested to EN55022 Class B, and other relevant safety standards, at an approved Class 5 Test House;

further tests were conducted for transients including 1KV fast transients and 2KV slow high energy transients, tests designed to check if the board would break down under such severe stress conditions. The XLoTM power board passed and exceeded all these requirements.

Dycon’s new XLo power boards:

  • Deliver 12VDC 1, 3 or 5 Amps power > 85% efficiency
  • Do not require any expensive metal shielding and can be 
used as they are.
  • Are significantly flatter and, as the have no bulky 
transformers or metal screen around them, can be easily 
incorporated into other electronic devices.
  • Now a combined unit does not need to be contained in a 
metal housing, it can be fitted into much smaller, flatter, 
customised plastic boxes.
  • This can also reduce the amount of interconnecting cabling 
which can be another source of EMC interference. 
XLoTM technology will prove invaluable to developers and manufacturers who want to ensure that EMC emissions from power supplies do not themselves interfere with operation of their products and yet still be flat enough to be successfully incorporated into new stylish plastic housings. 
Dycon Power Solutions offer a free design advisory service for product developers and manufacturers wishing to incorporate XLoTM power technology into their new products.
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