DVTEL Latitude NVMS integrates with ‘in demand’ ShotSpotter

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DVTel |ogo

DVTEL are expanding the capabilities of its Latitude network video management system (NVMS) through integration with ShotSpotter gunfire alert and location technology.

Integration with ShotSpotter provides seamless archiving and monitoring tools for events created by the gunfire alert and location technology. DVTEL has also enhanced its integration with Google Earth virtual globe, map and geographical information program.

Integration with third-party technologies is part of the DVTEL Applications and Integration Center’s ongoing mission to develop customized solutions for DVTEL customers. The ShotSpotter system involves covering wide areas with collaborative sensors that triangulate the precise location of a gunshot anywhere within a designated coverage area. The DVTEL-ShotSpotter integration module sends event notifications to Latitude to provide operators with a situational overview of any gunfire incidents. Appropriate actions can be programmed in response to each type of incoming gunshot detection event, and users can view and react to incoming gunshot events. ShotSpotter requires an installed and fully configured Google Earth integration.

The DVTEL-Google Earth integration module combines DVTEL’s Latitude NVMS with Google Earth ’s location-based presentation capabilities. Google Earth maps the world by superimposing images obtained from satellite imagery  aerial photography and three-dimensional geographic information systems (GIS). Users can interact with Latitude-enabled cameras from the Google Earth map to live video by hovering over a camera and identify a camera easily with a Google pop-up balloon. When combining Google Earth with ShotSpotter, a gunshot’s location can be marked on a Google Earth map, and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras in the vicinity can be automatically directed to the incident location and displayed to the operator in Latitude’s ControlCenter.

DVTEL’s Applications and Integration Center (AIC) provides custom automation, operation and third party integration to DVTEL’s Latitude Network Video Management System, allowing DVTEL solutions to be tailored to the customer’s requirement. The integrations with ShotSpotter and Google Earth are only the latest of dozens of customer integration options, including access control  audio, license plate recognition (LPR), point-of-sale (POS), physical security information management (PSIM), and video analytics systems.

“Gunfire detection systems are becoming more in demand, given high-profile shooting events such as the recent tragedy at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., ” said Jicko Chetrit, Director, DVTEL’s Applications and Integration Center. “As new technologies come on the scene, customers require custom integrations with Latitude NVMS, and our mission is to make it happen. Incorporating technologies such as ShotSpotter and Google Earth expand the capabilities of Latitude and provide more flexible and customized systems for DVTEL customers.”



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