DVS show importance of using AV Rate HHDs with partnership

DVS Ltd, the trade only electronic surveillance distributor, has announced its partnership with Seagate, the data storage specialists.

DVS will now be installing the AV rated hard disk drives (HDDs) in its recording solutions to ensure the reliability of stored data.

AV rated HDDs are specifically engineered for surveillance and are industry recognised as a standard requirement. The use of the regular desktop HDDs can compromise the validity of installed security infrastructures through data loss.

The latest DVS partnership with Seagate further highlights their standing within the industry as a conscientious organisation.

Dave Davies, Technical Manager at DVS said of the new partnership, “It is essential for companies in the security industry to understand the need of reliable data storage and not overlook the importance of using AV rated hardware.

“The use of HDDs with inferior specifications will eventually lead to loss of data, undermining the entire function of installed surveillance infrastructures. Through thorough testing of Seagate’s hard drives we have determined they are the best option for our customers.”


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