DVS, one of Europe’s leading distributors of CCTV and security systems, moves to WD Purple hard drives for all Digital Video Recorders.

With the increase of 4K recording, the reliability of storage media becomes a critical concern. By standardising on WD Purple – hard drives manufactured specifically for high resolution
digital surveillance– DVS has shown a commitment to its customers by offering the highest quality and most reliable product.

Scott Douglas, Sales Director at DVS: “We (DVS) are rightly seen as one of Europe’s leading providers of security products and systems. We have a reputation for providing quality products with excellent support. The move to installing WD Purple hard drives in our recording solutions demonstrates a further commitment to ensuring our customers have the best possible products to service their security needs. As the expansion of 4K recording continues, the requirement for high-res’- ready storage media will only increase. We want to demonstrate leadership and make a clear statement to our customers by putting the highest quality where it counts.”

Jermaine Campbell, Senior Sales Manager Western Digital: “We’re very excited to be working with DVS on this initiative. WD Purple drives feature firmware optimised for 4K surveillance called AllFrame 4K™, with 4yrs of proven reliability, WD Purple drives are recognised as market leading. I look forward to this new partnership with DVS and respect them for choosing a premium brand based on quality. Together we will be letting the industry and our customers know that there is only 1 brand with a track record of proven reliability and specifications optimised for 4k recording, WD Purple hard drives add value to any DVR or NVR.”

DVS has begun WD Purple integration with immediate effect and the programme is supported by an advertising campaign running in key security and surveillance trade media. Every recording solution sold by DVS will also have a “WD Purple Inside” sticker on the unit to ensure customers are aware that they are using industry leading storage media.

To celebrate the new partnership, WD and DVS are giving you the chance to win a New iPhone X . To win, simply register your details using the link below:

*This is a trade only competition, offered exclusively to DVS customers. If you are not yet a DVS customer simply give the sales team a call on: 02920 455 512

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