DVR/NVR provider Wavestore forms technology partnership with LILIN

LILIN IP camera
LILIN - IPS-2124 Series JPEG

LILIN's IPS-2124 IP Camera Series

LILIN, one of the world’s fastest growing manufacturers of IP video solutions together with Wavestore, a leading provider of professional DVR, NVR, and HVR solutions, have formed a technology partnership.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to work closely with an IP camera specialist such as LILIN who share our view that an open platform philosophy is the key to ensuring that clients can achieving the maximum return on their investment in a video surveillance solution,” said Chris Williams, Wavestore’s Director of Marketing and Business Development.  “LILIN and Wavestore technicians have successfully cooperated to ensure compatibility between our two company’s respective products. This has resulted in an immediate benefit to clients who are specifying Wavestore’s hybrid recording solutions because they wish to design a new, or upgrade an existing video surveillance system that incorporates both traditional analogue cameras and the latest generation of IP cameras.”

LILIN was founded in 1980 and employs over 500 people in 14 countries. The company which has an UK office in Milton Keynes was the first in the world to introduce cameras which are compliant with ONVIF, the open industry forum for the development of a global standard for the interface of network video products.

In addition to its concerted effort over recent months to establish technology partnerships with leading hardware manufacturers such as LILIN, Wavestore has also been cooperating with third party software developers in order to incorporate video analytics, motion detection, license plate recognition, facial recognition, abandoned object and intruder detection, people counting, queue management, perimeter security detection and traffic monitoring solutions into its digital recording solutions.

About Wavestore
Wavestore is committed to an open platform philosophy. Its wide range of digital video recording systems are  able to simultaneously record and display high quality images from combinations of analogue, network (IP and megapixel), HD, HDcctv, 360 degree and infra-red cameras.

Utilising the Linux operating system, Wavestore’s DVRs, NVRs and HVRs are rugged, reliable and straightforward to install, configure and operate. Wavestore systems are also easily expandable and upgradable as and when a client’s requirements change, whilst Wavestore’s powerful SDK enables integrated security solutions to be developed efficiently.

Wavestore works closely with third party technology partners to provide video analytics, motion detection, license plate recognition, abandoned object and intruder detection, people counting, perimeter security detection and traffic monitoring solutions.

Wavestore has provided solutions for countless demanding projects, including ports and airports, transportation, councils, hospitals, hotels, schools, property, police and homeland security applications.

About Merit LILIN UK Ltd
LILIN is one of the World’s largest IP manufacturers offering network video solutions. With over 30 years experience, LILIN provides expertise in digital video. LILIN systems can allow a single operator to monitor cameras from anywhere on the network or remote users to access live and recorded video. LILIN operates worldwide with offices in more than 13 countries and partners in more than 20 countries. Founded in 1980, LILIN has more than 600 employees worldwide with UK headquarters located in Milton Keynes.


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