Purpose-Built Drone Test Flight Centre gets DeTect HARRIER

DeTect HARRIER™ Air Surveillance Radar Installed at Europe’s First Purpose-Built Drone Test Flight Centre

HARRIER system provides real-time airspace monitoring and intrusion alerting for unmanned aircraft and drone operations.

DeTect, INC. (www.detect-inc.com) announced that its HARRIER S200d Air Surveillance Radar (ASR) has been installed at the Air Traffic Laboratory for Advanced Systems (ATLAS) in Villacarillo, Spain to provide detection and tracking of aircraft, drones and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

CATEC_6569 editedATLAS is Europe’s first purpose-built drone and UAS test flight and development range. DeTect’s HARRIER ASR incorporates the latest in solid-state, Doppler radar technology and web-based data displays to accommodate a diversity of user applications, simultaneously, in real-time. “By incorporating multiple sensors including radar, TCAS and ADSB receivers into the HARRIER system, DeTect is able to provide the most secure and seamless real-time surveillance system in the world for detection and tracking of small Remotely Piloted Aircraft

Systems (RPAS)” said Edward Zakrajsek, General Manager of DeTect Global, Ltd, London. He added “The HARRIER security and surveillance radar provides full surveillance coverage from ground level to altitudes up to 6000 meters with ranges out to 48+ kilometers and allows the system to function as a multi-purpose sensor for simultaneous detection, alerting and tracking of aircraft and drones.” 

For those who don’t know, DeTect is a fully integrated radar company with radar engineering and manufacturing facilities in the US in Florida and Colorado and offices in Washington DC, Canada and England. The company is the world leader in applied radar remote sensing technologies and systems for small radar cross section targets such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and drones.

Other DeTect radar products include RAPTOR™ radar wind profilers and MERLIN™ aircraft birdstrike avoidance radars and avian radars. Since 2003, DeTect has manufactured and installed over 240 advanced radar systems in the US, Canada, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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