Drone Defenders™ ready for action to protect against illegal drones

Drone Defenders™ ready for action to protect against illegal drones

Drone Defenders™ ready for action to protect against illegal drones

UK’s Drone Defenders™ can now protect events and facilities from unwanted or illegal drones.

Reports of rogue Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or drones being used by snoopers, criminals and activists are on the increase. In 2016 there has been a 350% increase in drone related incidents being reported to the Police. As more drones are being sold to consumers UK drone security firm, Drone Defence, have developed a service to help protect events and sensitive areas from unwanted drones.

Drone Defence’s™ Drone Defenders™ are teams of counter drone specialists who have the training and equipment to protect up to 1km of airspace around a location ensuring it remains drone free. The Drone Defenders are experts in detecting an identifying problem drones and they come equipped with the latest anti drone technology with the Dynopis™ E1000MP and the Net Gun X1.

The Dynopis E1000MP is the UK’s first deployable man-portable drone jamming system. Using a focused barrage jamming capability it can stop the majority of commercially available drone systems. It uses electronic counter measures and GPS disruption to safely stop drones in the air before they can pose a threat. Once captured in the E1000MP’s ‘Electronic Web’ the drone returns to its launch location or lands under control in a safe area. It is an economical, simple to use point-and-press system with a range of up to 1km, so if you can see the drone then you can stop it.

The Net Gun X1 is a CO2 net firing device that shoots a net and physically captures the drone which causes it to fall to the ground under control or ensnares it once it has landed. By capturing the drone on the ground at a safe distance the Drone Defenders can ensure that it doesn’t take off again and pose a threat.

When called into action the Drone Defenders first conduct a Drone Security Assessment (DSA) of the area they have been charged to protect. During this assessment they look at the physical and human terrain to identify likely actors, launch locations and approach routes. They then develop a Concept of Operations for the client to approve. Next Drone Defence, working with its industry partners, designates the site as a ‘No Drone Zone’ and publicise this to the drone community. A Mitigation Action Plan is put in place to understand how and where the Drone Defenders would use their advanced equipment to protect the area.

By using our Drone Defenders means that orgainsations do not bare the significant expense of purchasing advanced counter drone technology which could potentially be obsolete in a short period of time. At Drone Defence we are experts in counter drone solutions and ensure that we have the latest technology to mitigate the majority commercial drone threats. We constantly train our operatives to ensure that they are fully abreast of the latest developments in the drone sector and what security implications that may have for our clients.

Richard Gill, the Founder & CEO of Drone Defence said:

“The concept is to provide the complete counter drone solution to our customers in an economical way. Our clients can trust us to provide the latest technology to counter the drone threat meaning that they can concentrate on their business.”

He added:

“Our Drone Defenders provide the complete solution our clients are looking for. We can help create ‘No Drone Zones’ around anything from Football Matches to Airshows. We can also supply and train our clients on our advanced equipment.”

Potential Applications:

Football Matches. There are 38 matches in the Premier League each year, which are worth billions in TV rights and ticket sales. Not only that but the players themselves are often worth in the tens of millions. It has now become policy for match officials to suspend the game if they see an unauthorised drone flying overhead. This pause in the game is not only disruptive for the spectators but could have a serious impact on other revenue streams like advertising.

Horse Racing Events. There are 31 major racing events in the UK every year, which generate over £3.7bn for the UK economy. After football horse racing is the second largest spectator sport and a cultural export. The impact of a drone being used by an animal rights activist, criminals or terrorist could be huge. A drone flying near the horses at the start of the race could also have dire consequences for the rider. Frankie Dettori was unseated by a drone spooking the horse at Newmarket in July 2016.

Airshows. The impact of a drone and manned aircraft collision near a crowd of spectators in unimaginable. The Drone Defenders can protect the airspace to ensure that drones stay well clear of the event meaning the crowd remains safe.

Open Air Concerts. Concert going is expanding in the UK with year on year growth now at over 15%. More concerts are being established and the traditional ones are becoming larger. Drones being used over large groups of people are extremely dangerous and illegal. Event organisers have a responsibility to ensure the safety of the festivalgoers so have to take action. Drones could also be used to violate broadcast rights and effect revenue streams.

VIPs & Privacy. With a more aggressive media the paparazzi are looking for new ways to gain an edge. Stories of photographers hiding in bushes with long lenses are far too common, now they can fly a drone over a wall or close to a yacht to violate privacy. With high-powered cameras they can act with almost impunity.

Insurance Implications. Numbers of incidents with drones are on the increase and the insurers are starting to take notice. At drone Defence we do not think it is going to be long before some type of counter drone capability needs to be deployed at major events to reduce premiums. By using Drone Defence we can help mitigate the threat and we are in consultation with Underwriters in an effort to reduce our clients’ abandonment insurance premiums.

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