Doyle Security Consultants achieve NSI Passporting

Doyle Security Consultants were recently audited by an external assessor and, with the aid of Jomu Ltd, were able to demonstrate an even higher standard of Quality Management and professional excellence than in their previous successful independent assessments. Doyle now hold NSI Passporting, which means they meet ACS and NSI Gold Guarding requirements.

They first achieved the required level of distinction in 2006 and worked tirelessly to ensure that their, already very high, standards are consistently improved. Managing Director, Andrew Nicholson remarked that: “this was our best ever NSI result to date and is a testament to the hard work, integrity and professionalism that our staff and management display in their everyday work. Jomu’s involvement also removed the anxiety and stress that sometimes comes from trying to do justice to our workforce’s personal pride in fulfilling their individual roles.

‘It can be difficult to illustrate to potential customers the meticulous attention to detail that goes into ensuring that they receive the best possible service and value for money. With this performance our customers, both old and new, can be confident that our policies and procedures will ensure that their premises, property and staff will receive the best possible protection.”

Over 229 pieces of evidence was provided by Doyle, directors, management and staff from every part of the company to satisfy over 71 action points and standards, making this achievement a real team effort of monumental proportions. To achieve and maintain this level of excellence takes huge logistical investment, as well as a great deal of diligence, commitment and consistent personal pride from every member of staff over a long period of time. In a recession, this outlay and determination illustrates a real passion and pride for improving the standards and reputation of the security industry.

Here is what Andrew Nicholson, Managing Director of Doyle Security Consultant had to say about the work Jomu did ‘Jomu prepared our team in an excellent way. They explained their process to us and this enabled us to work closely together which meant that the assessment went smoothly. The Jomu team were superb on the assessment days. Their knowledge of the process and procedures along with excellent preparation meant that everything went extremely well.

Having Jomu as part of our team, advising us and improving our efficiency has allowed us to do what we do best. They are an extremely professional group of people who have blended in with our team of managers and staff seamlessly. What we have achieved in such a short period is superb and we look forward to a very successful and prosperous partnership in the future.’


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