Doo Technologies Launches Integration-Testing Software for CCTV

Doo Technologies

Doo TechnologiesDoo Technologies, an innovative company in 360° Technology and CCTV Security, has announced the launch of the Xstream Generator Suite (XsG) in June 2014. Doo Technologies aims to revolutionize the CCTV field with the new XsG software, enabling users to test network bandwidth, storage capacity and the Video Management System (VMS) pre-integration.

The XsG simulates the behaviour of a camera system sending virtual video fluxes through the network to the VMS without needing a single live camera. Composed of three complementary applications, the XsG tests a network for a given quantity of cameras and visualizes the reactions of the system configuration in real-time. The XsG user is able to view graphs and statistics about the network before proceeding with a system installation.

The Xstream Generator Suite is an added value for all actors in the integration chain, providing strong analyses, determining the durability of the system or simply proving the capability of a new CCTV installation. The XsG is a technological innovation for the CCTV field, capable of significantly increasing the efficiency and reliability of all CCTV systems worldwide.

A trial version of the Xstream Generator Suite is already available on the website,

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