Does Apple’s Mac need added protection?

The Mac is hailed by its fans for being an impenetrable fortress of a computer. Many cite their reason for purchasing a Mac over a Microsoft computer as the safety they feel with the device, and how they can rely upon the system to keep their work safe.

Part of the safety Mac uses reasonably feel stems from the fact that there are just not as many Mac users as Microsoft, thus they’re a smaller target. After all, a hacker would surely be much more likely to aim for an audience which they have a better chance of hitting, than one with a reasonably small target.

As Apple becomes more user friendly however, more people are choosing Mac, and increasing the customer base, thus resulting in a bigger target. So how can you keep your Mac safe against malware?


Take advantage of the inbuilt protection

Mac comes with an inbuilt firewall which monitors the flow of data through your computer, and flags up anything which it considers to be suspicious. This is why, when you install something which hasn’t been pre-verified by Apple, it always asks you if you wish to continue.

Given the growth of hackers attempting to infiltrate Apple products using apps, this is a pretty important feature, especially given the easy nature in which many users download apps. Thankfully, compared to Google’s open marketplace for apps, this avenue is fairly well covered by Apple.

Apple is not immune to attacks though, which was illustrated through the Flashback malware scandal which affected around 600,000 Mac users world-wide. Luckily Apple has learnt its lesson there, and as well as reacting fairly quickly to the attack, the system offers regular updates against known hackers.

Keeping your Mac updated is one of the most important steps to take – it keeps the system fresh and dramatically reduces the chance of malware corrupting the system.

Added extras

Much like any other computer, tablet or smart phone, antivirus software is a must, though many Mac users don’t use the software as much as Microsoft users.

The additional security offered by antivirus software is crucial, as it can be difficult to tell which websites and links can lead to an infection. There is no reason to skip this step if you want to keep your information and software safe.

Norton 360 antivirus is a product which offers multi-device protection, which is perfect for those who take advantage of the iCloud. As all your Apple products are protected, choosing a multi-device antivirus software can protect your devices with the same level of protection, leaving you free to browse the web with confidence.

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