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360 Vision Technology DVR

360 Vision Technology DVR

360 Vision Technology DVR

DVRs with space!

More and more we see specifications and tenders calling for larger and larger storage in CCTV Digital Video Recorders, but is this a case of spec-manship or carefully calculated storage requirements? Take the 360 Avalon T range.  With enough space to store unto 4Tb internally, more and more customers are asking for larger hard drives, and often so that the quote or tender reflects a massive amount of archive space.


But 4Tb, when an average file size is less than 10kb, means storage capacity for over 3 months!!!

So, we at 360 Vision would like to offer some alternative thoughts when considering huge storage. Don’t just think long term recording – take the chance to increase resolution, increase frame rate or even both!

Avalon T gives the ability to individualise each cameras resolution and ips rate….. Meaning higher quality and more fluid recordings are possible……probably far more beneficial to the end user than recording for months and months!

And, as hard drives get larger, our DVRs offer a long term, near future-proof method of capturing high quality video from cameras such as our Predator, Black Hawk and VisionDome range!

For further details and also to arrange a demonstration, please contact our Sales Manager Adrian Kirk on M: 07713361053 or email

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