Digital Barriers wins Contract with Major European Rail Operator

Digital Barriers, the specialist provider of advanced surveillance technologies, is pleased to announce that it has secured an initial contract with one of Europe’s largest railway operators to supply its Integrated Surveillance Platform (“ISP”) for the protection of train and freight depots.

The Group’s ISP solution provides real-time video surveillance and intrusion alerts for remote and inaccessible locations, combining with existing infrastructure and surveillance assets to provide maximum value for money and use of legacy systems. ISP is designed around the Group’s TVI and RDC technologies, which were specifically designed to address the limitations of conventional technologies. In addition to transportation, ISP is used for protection of critical infrastructure – such as oil and gas installations – as well as border protection, maritime security and law enforcement.

The Digital Barriers team has been designing surveillance systems for rail and mass-transit networks for more than 20 years, providing us with unique insights into the challenges associated with deploying systems trackside, on rail and transit cars and throughout busy terminals. Our range of solutions includes equipment designed to operate in challenging environments, for long periods of uninterrupted performance, for both security and safety (including UK rail accredited solutions).

The Group already works with leading international organisations responsible for operating some of the world’s most notable overland rail, mass-transit, airport and seaports. However, this contract with a leading European railway operator is of particular importance for Digital Barriers, as it is the first sale of its flagship ISP technology into the transportation sector. Valued at approximately €0.28 million, the contract is expected to be delivered in the current financial year and should lead to further sales with the same customer next financial year. Furthermore, success in this contract will serve as a proof point for the potential application of ISP technology across the transportation sector.

Zak Doffman, Chief Executive Officer of Digital Barriers commented: “Although modest in revenue terms, this is very significant for Digital Barriers providing an opportunity for us to scale up this initial deployment and to create a proven solution we can market widely across the sector. We have developed solutions to take ISP into the critical infrastructure and commercial sectors, beyond its traditional focus on defence and border protection, and this win in mainstream transportation is an early result of this effort.

Our intellectual property is unique and enables a cost-effective means of maintaining real-time coverage of vast and often hostile territories. This competitive edge, evidenced by customer traction, gives Digital Barriers reason for confidence about further use of ISP across multiple customer sectors.”


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