Digital Barriers to Showcase SafeZone-edge at IFSEC 2014

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digital barriersDigital Barriers will showcase SafeZone-edge, its world-leading edge-embedded intrusion detection application at IFSEC International 2014. By combining outstanding detection reliability with affordability and simplicity, SafeZone-edge offers a genuine alternative to costly and complex server-based intelligent video analysis (IVA) as well as lower cost but unreliable video motion detection (VMD).

With organisations typically facing an underwhelming choice when selecting between video-based intrusion detection systems, SafeZone-edge was designed to specifically address the limitations and compromises of conventional solutions. This started with streamlining the efforts of the installer and operator, by replacing the complex and time-consuming manual calibration of cameras with a fully automated setup procedure. This even includes a unique function that allows multiple cameras to be calibrated in a single step, saving time and offering greater flexibility to installers in their deployments of cameras and analytics at site.

Dave Oliver, Director UK Enterprise Account Sales at Digital Barriers, said: “SafeZone-edge was designed with a ruthless focus on simplicity, refining the product to concentrate on the key features and outcomes that are valued most; practical configuration of the system and reliable detection of intruders.

digital barriers“A default intrusion detection zone and user-defined scenarios cover typical perimeter security and sterile zone monitoring operations, while setup is streamlined by using a simple scene walkthrough to provide the reference data for automatic calibration of each camera. An advanced analytical engine with automated scene learning enables SafeZone-edge to detect reliably in even the most difficult environments, including adverse weather and variable illumination, as well as adapt to seasonal changes and day/night operation.”

Despite this focus on simplicity and ultra-efficient edge-based processing, detection performance remains uncompromising. SafeZone-edge is one of the very few truly edge-based applications to achieve the highest possible accreditation under the internationally recognised UK Home Office i-LIDS® evaluation scheme. SafeZone-edge is certified as an i-LIDS® approved primary detection system for operational alert use in sterile zone monitoring applications – as well as being an i-LIDS® approved event based recording system for sterile zone monitoring applications.

Dave Oliver added: “SafeZone-edge uses an analytical engine that actually derives from a sophisticated server-based solution, with extensive re-engineering and code optimisation to create an edge-embedded application that runs directly on cameras and encoders. This effort was aided by the decision to develop the initial SafeZone-edge product on the world-leading ACAP open camera application platform from Axis.”

IFSEC International 2014 will feature the latest release of SafeZone-edge, with the innovative multi-camera automated setup feature, enhanced object tracking, expanded thermal camera compatibility, and the option to define multiple scenarios and alarm events on each camera. SafeZone-edge is available through leading value added resellers and distributors, with an affordable and simple pricing approach. It is already presenting system integrators, installers and consultants with a compelling case to re-evaluate their use of IVA and VMD for major projects as well as smaller site installations. In one of the earliest trials, SafeZone-edge reduced the false alarm count at one site from an operationally unviable 10,000+ per week to just one, without loss of detection sensitivity.

SafeZone-edge has launched on ACAP from Axis, the world’s leading network camera manufacturer. Daren Lang, Manager – Business Development, Northern Europe from Axis said: “SafeZone-edge is a very exciting solution and a class-leading intrusion detection package that provides Axis camera users with a compelling argument for embedding video analytics at the edge of the network. This is a great working example of how the Axis Camera Application Platform is evolving. In this case Digital Barriers are using Axis cameras as the platform to deliver a solution that is not only very cost effective but also provides levels of accuracy and robustness that are usually only associated with server-based applications.”

At IFSEC International 2014, Digital Barriers will be exhibiting with Axis Communications on stand E1000. Digital Barriers will also be featuring their RDC intelligent ground sensors and TVI wireless video and alarm distribution platform. These innovative capabilities provide organisations, particularly those in the critical national infrastructure (CNI) domain, with greater flexibility in their security and surveillance operations.

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IFSEC International 2014 takes place at ExCeL London, from June 17-19. Register as a visitor for free at: Delegates can see a live demonstration of SafeZone-edge on the Axis stand (E1000).

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