Digital Barriers facial detection and recognition capabilities

Digital Barriers facial detection and recognition capabilities

Digital Barriers facial detection and recognition capabilities

Digital Barriers (AIM: DGB) announces an initial release of facial detection and recognition capabilities onto its class-leading cloud video platform, currently a finalist in the IFSEC awards for best security deterrent product.

The cloud video platform, now marketed under the name CloudVis, can alert users when motion is detected in front of a camera, or when a new face is seen in a video stream. These new capabilities can prioritise the time and attention of security staff in office buildings, apartment blocks and secure facilities, with CloudVis-linked security cameras now providing intelligent video motion detection, facial recognition and business metrics including the number and gender of passers-by.

CloudVis can send email alerts to security officers, receptionists and tenants, attaching a picture of each individual face seen by a doorway camera, facilitating improved visitor screening and building security, reducing the cost and improving the effectiveness of manned security services.

Future enhancements to CloudVis will include full facial recognition against specific watchlists, to provide expedited access control and VIP recognition, and enhanced security against known threats.

“Providing multiple video analytics in the cloud significantly improves existing security arrangements by adding intelligence to legacy IP and analogue cameras, and materially increasing the variety and quality of the intelligent analytics available on all connected cameras, both old and new. CloudVis can dramatically reduce the cost of monitoring without any infrastructure investment.” comments Mark Patrick, CTO, Digital Barriers.

Research firm Memoori forecasts that more than one third of all cameras sold in each of the years up to and including 2018 will still be analogue, and it will be many years before the industry has fully transitioned to intelligent IP cameras. Even though newer surveillance cameras can host analytics on-board, typically only one or two services can run at the same time. CloudVis removes this limitation, allowing additional analytics to run on each camera, negating the requirement for multiple devices.

These new capabilities are part of a continual investment in CloudVis which provides customers with access to new video analytics capabilities with no further integration costs.

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