Detection technology from Optex at the heart of JCB’s CCTV tower

Optex/JCB Local Authority Event Tower
Optex/JCB Local Authority Event Tower

Optex/JCB Local Authority Event Tower

Sophisticated REDWALL external detection technology from Optex Europe is at the heart of a new rapid-deployment CCTV tower designed by JCB Site Security to protect construction sites and other such environments requiring temporary but reliable security 24/7.

The new JCB Site Security Mobile CCTV Tower is a fully-integrated security system that combines REDWALL V detectors with an external CCTV infra-red camera to deter and prevent construction site crime, as well as aiding health and safety investigations. Success of the new towers, which are BS8418:2010 accredited and come with URN priority police response, has been such that some sites have recorded a 50% reduction in security costs, compared to sites with manned guarding. The JCB towers are also now available with a Fire And Evacuation add-on.

The Fire and Evacuation system add-on and fire stand is now available with the innovative visual fire detection camera. The fire stand is monitored via Wireless. Powered by a 110 voltage battery with a back up that will last for at least 72 hours, it also includes 46 heat or call points. All detection devices are monitored for signal loss and open/closed circuits. The sounder is 127 decibels at a distance of one metre and a red strobe light has also been fitted. The system is monitored using 3G signalling with back up signalling on GPRS.

Simon Vella, Sales and Marketing Director at JCB Site Security, explains: “The total value of plant theft in the UK reached more than £1 billion last year, with vandalism probably costing a few million more,” he says. “Protecting what is one of a construction site’s most valuable assets is vitally important. Replacing the machinery also costs businesses with down time, and during a recession no-one can afford that.

“There are an endless number of applications for the JCB tower where a static solution is not appropriate,” he continues, “including void properties, highway maintenance, rail maintenance, and even festival events.”

The REDWALL detectors alert a local (during the working day) or remote monitoring station (at night) in the event of an unwanted intrusion. The event can then be seen in real time, as it happens, the images recorded, and an appropriate response determined. This may be via a live audio challenge, which is successful in more than 95% of occasions, or the intrusion can be reported to the police or relevant mobile response unit. The sensors and camera are designed to be tamper proof, so if would be burglars attempt to mask or damage them, affecting the integrity of the system, an alert is sent to the monitoring station.

Nigel Hackett, Sales Director for Optex Europe’s REDWALL division, says that the latest REDWALL is proven in even the most challenging environments: “The size and complexity of construction and utility sites can be enough to cause some detectors to constantly alarm,” he says.

“The REDWALL V detector, however, utilises an ‘I-viewer’ with associated blanking plates. This enables installers to effectively ‘frame’ the detection pattern, to block out areas that might cause issues with false alarms, for more accuracy with regards targeting, and to restrict zones for optimum performance.”

Each JCB tower is housed in a robust and easily transported unit, and is designed for ease of installation and potential relocation as the site develops. The towers make maximum use of wireless communications technology, minimising site disruption by cables and virtually eliminating the need for any ground works. In addition, an uninterruptible power supply ensures that the system will remain functional even in the event of a power failure.


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