Delhi Metro network set for 900 more CCTV cameras to curb terror threat

Delhi-Metro-CCTVThe Central Industry Security Force (CISF) is planning to install 900 more CCTV cameras across the Delhi Metro network before the end of 2012 to combat potential terror strikes.

In February, panic was sparked in Delhi when four abandoned bags and a bike were identified in five separate locations, including an Army Base Hospital in the south-west and two busy markets.

The bomb scares had locals fearing a repeat of the terror attack that hit the southern Indian city of Hyderabad only days earlier. Some 16 people were killed and 117 injured in Hyderabad when two bombs tied to bicycles targeted a crowded market and bustling shopping centre.

Delhli Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar said the suspicious devices found in Delhi were taken “very seriously” and called for all Forces to be more alert to potential terror threats.

In a move to foil any future terror strike, the Indo-Asian News Service reports that CISF has asked the Delhi Metro to increase its network of CCTV cameras to 6,000 and replace 300 of the existing cameras.

General Rajiv, CISF Director, said: “In an attempt to develop immediate attention to suspicious objects or activities, the force is planning for the installation of 900 more CCTV cameras which will cover vulnerable areas across Delhi Metro.

“We have contacted the DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) to increase the number of CCTV cameras to cover the areas which currently escape the vigilant electronic eyes.”

The Delhi Metro has six lines, consists of 143 stations, of which 35 are underground, and transports two million passengers a day across its network.

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