DataLocker Sentry launches USB key with intelligence

You are used to carrying personal data, professional or sensitive on a USB key, and you need a system to secure data for use on any PC or Mac without compromising their integrity.

DataLocker Sentry is the solution to all your problems. The product comes in a classic shape USB key outside, however it is inside that makes the real difference. Indeed DataLocker Sentry key has a data encryption hardware system that does not disturb reading and writing, opposed to software encryption solutions. This makes the key completely plug-and-play with a military-grade encryption (FIPS 140-2 – level 2 validated) and a storage capacity of 4, 8 or 16GB.

Origin Managing Director Andy Cordial commented: It’s important to note that each year worldwide nearly 20 million USB keys disappear, lost or stolen. The risk to see your information fall into the wrong hands is significant due to the large amount of confidential data in the public domain. This is why the DataLocker Sentry USB key protects you in these situations because it has a hardware encryption system making it inaccessible to unauthorized persons. Also saves you having to carry paper copies of sensitive Government documents that can be photographed!!

Designed for endurance:

When storing high-value data, the tamper-proof Sentry is perfect for your organization. The epoxy coating for the chip and flash protects it from physical intrusion from water, dirt and thieves. Add to this the many features and speed of DataLocker’s on-board, zero-footprint software, and you can rest assured that you never have to suffer from the often devastating consequences of a data breach

Compatibility: Windows 7, Vista, XP and server, Mac OS X 10.5 or above, and Linux Kernel 2.6 or above.

Product List:

Sentry 4 Gb : £39.00 (SRP)

Sentry 8 Gb : £49.00 (SRP)

Sentry 16 Gb : £69.00 (SRP)


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