Data centres find the missing piece of their security puzzle with proxSafe

In this highly secure and critical environment it is imperative that the control of personnel access to computer rooms, server racks and utility rooms are restricted and audited with an optimum level of accountability.

A vital element of your security is to ensure the correct key is distributed to contractors requiring access to the data halls and server racks. One mistake could be critical and costly. Whether it is single or multiple keys for each customer, manual auditing is an arduous and time consuming task,and that human element will always be a cause for concern. It is also essential that this technology can integrate and complement existing security and access control systems.

proxSafe key management systems are designed to be robust and reliable enabling the total control of key release assigned to users with the relevant authorisation. Should an unauthorised person gain access in to your server room with the intention of causing harm,this could prove damaging to your operation. proxSafe is the perfect solution to avoid any unnecessary and unwanted disruptions to your business.

With proxSafe having the ability to be partially or fully integrated with your access control systems you will always have a complete audit trail of user activity,including details of who has a particular key and who has been denied egress from the centre for not returning their key.  Also with our Visitor Deposit System all personal items can be secured at reception ensuring that nothing enters the site that could breach security.

With the latest RFID technology proxSafe removes the vulnerability of the old metal-metal contact based systems. The keyTag carries a lifetime warranty and with zero maintenance required on the proxCylinders. Along with the Illumination of key position for ease of identification when removing or returning keys and an emergency manual mechanical release switch,this modular design allows for customisation of the cabinets making it the most sophisticated and reliable key management solutions of its time.

After 35 years of servicing the security industry worldwide,deister has an intelligent key management system that will enhance any security environment.

Other deister solutions for use in Data Centres include:

  • Access Control Readers that work with almost any card technology,all at the same time,allowing migrating older technology to the latest high- security credentials
  • Biometric Dual Factor Identification
  • Server rack security and electronic locking.
  • LongRangeVehicle and Personal Identification.



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