Dantech releases novel slimline 19” rackmount cabinet

Dantech releases novel slimline 19” rackmount cabinet

Dantech releases novel slimline 19” rackmount cabinet

Designed to assist installers where equipment storage space is limited, Dantech Electronic Engineering has released a slimline 19” rackmount wall cabinet.

A novel design providing installers with the option to rackmount 19” equipment into a shallow depth (20cm) wall mount enclosure, two versions of the enclosure include the DA816-S standard unit and DA816-F, which is a standard enclosure but includes a power distribution unit and 2 x cooling fans.

The ideal solution for installers looking to fit equipment in tight spaces, such as corridors, landings or hallways, the wall mountable cabinet has been developed for installers specialising in large buildings that require long cable runs, such as commercial office blocks, transportation hubs, or large domestic dwellings. The deployment of the enclosure allows installers to create a secure mini comms room in a slim wall mounted cabinet, or simply to use it as a CAT5 junction box.

Supplied with two pairs of 4U and one pair of 2U brackets, the cabinet allows many configurations of 19” rack mounting equipment to be installed, either horizontally and/or vertically mounted, in various positions. This maximises available space to suit site and Health & Safety requirements. The enclosure also allows shallow devices such as patch panels to be horizontally mounted, or deeper switching units mounted vertically.

“Helping installers to locate equipment where space is at a premium, the slimline cabinet provides a safe and compact, key-lockable enclosure with anti-tamper micro switch,”

says Tim Scott, Director at Dantech Electronic Engineering.

“Other benefits include integrated cable tie mounting positions to neatly secure spare cable within the enclosure, tool free removable cable entries, spare earthling points, and an optional 4-way IEC connector PDU, meaning mains voltage is available without the need for additional power hardware.”

For further information on Dantech’s range of slimline 19” rackmount wall cabinets, customers can contact Dantech on Tel: 01621 856850 or email sales@dantech.uk.com.

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