Dantech releases flexible Multispan™ PoE + Ethernet Switch range

Ethernet Switch

Dantech Electronic Engineering, the UK manufacturer of specialist power supplies and ancillary equipment designed specifically for security applications, has launched a new range of Multispan™ PoE + Ethernet Switch products.

Providing both PoE+ 30W power and Ethernet transmission for up to four IP devices, the new Dantech ‘Multispan’ solutions consist of a dedicated Multispan PoE power device and a separate dedicated Cisco switch, housed within a single secure enclosure. Offering system flexibility, installers can choose to locate the Multispan device either at the network endpoint or midpoint.

Utilising the Cisco 10/100/1000 Gigabit full-duplex unmanaged switch, one network uplink and up to four IP devices (i.e. surveillance video, access control, or intercom) can be connected over Cat5 UTP cable. With no network configuration required, fast and simple connectivity saves installation time and money.

In addition to the standard Multispan PoE + Ethernet Switch model, to guard against mains power outages, the device is also available with integrated battery backup. The MultispanUPS™ versions maintain both the PSU and Ethernet switch, and for a typical 5W load, the 10Ah battery model will supply continuous power for 100 hours. These models are ideal to prevent any power and IP transmission supply failures, and the associated time-consuming IP end-device re-boot issues.

“Responding to demand from customers, Dantech has engineered a flexible solution to enable installers to provide combined PoE & Ethernet transmission for a range of IP applications, and locate it at an end or midpoint of their choice,” says Tim Scott, Director at Dantech Electronic Engineering. “Along with the delivery of ultra-robust and secure power, for complete peace of mind, we chose Cisco technology for the Ethernet switch component due to the company’s world-famous reputation for reliability, making them our ideal technology partner.”

The range of 4-port combined PoE+ power and Ethernet switch products is available in indoor (including rackmount) and outdoor enclosures. For further product information, customers can visit www.dantech.uk.com

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