Dantech launches new SecurePoETM & MidspanUPSTM range

Designed specifically for use within security applications, Dantech Electronic Engineering have released their new range of flexible installation, high-performance, SecurePoE and battery maintained MidspanUPS power supplies.

Offering installers and designers a flexible, simple and cost-effective solution, the new Dantech SecurePoE products feature a secure enclosure with all connections inside and unique anti-tamper contacts, which can be used to increase system security. Making installation and set-up easy, the new power supplies allow direct engineer access via a laptop, to any connected PoE devices, allowing faster remote set-up and maintenance, saving time and money.

The high-efficiency and high-reliability SecurePoE products are IEEE 802.3:2012 (802.3at, 802.3af) compliant, deliver a guaranteed 30W per port to all compatible load devices, and are available in Gigabit and 10/100 bandwidth models. Offered in various output configurations and mounting packages, the new SecurePoE power supplies include indoor and outdoor (IP66 rated) single, 2 and 4-port versions, and 4 and 8 port 19” rack-mount enclosure models.

The capability to accept a wide range of mains input voltages from 90-270V AC, and variety of enclosure designs available, allows SecurePoE to be installed at any location within any system environment. This, combined with innovative fast cable entry options (on most versions), saves further time for the installer.

Ideal for larger camera count systems, the SecurePoE 19” rack-mount models provide centralised power for networked cameras, in a package more suitable for larger installations vs. the use of multiple local PoE injectors.

Offering the same functionality as the SecurePoE products but supplied as standard with replaceable high-quality Yuasa stand-by battery packs, the new Dantech MidspanUPS products protect connected devices during any mains fail or network outage. This allows PoE connected devices such as IP cameras or edge recording devices to maintain their operation. There are versions for both long and short stand-by durations, with battery capacities of 1.2Ah, 7Ah and 10Ah allowing up to 44 hours of standby support.

“Specifically designed, manufactured and tested in Great Britain for the security industry, the new range of SecurePoE and MidspanUPS PoE products provide customers with a cost-effective PoE solution. With SecurePoE, IP cameras can be deployed over UTP with 30W power per device – this is not so with traditional IT derived PoE power supplies that typically share their total available power across multiple ports,” says Tim Scott, Director at Dantech Electronic Engineering.

“Drawing on over 40 years electronics manufacturing experience, Dantech’s advanced SecurePoE technology provides ultra-robust PoE connectivity for all IP cameras, including megapixel. Bringing cost and performance benefits for brand new or existing installations, Dantech’s technology offers flexible deployment and secure PoE for IP surveillance, access control, intercom and VoIP applications.”

For further details on the new range of SecurePoE & MidspanUPS power supplies, customers can contact Dantech on 01621 856850, or visit the website at www.dantech.uk.com

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