Dallmeier’s Smavia Viewing Client Software certified by Fiducia

Dallmeier's Smavia Viewing Client Software certified by Fiducia

Dallmeier’s Smavia Viewing Client Software certified by Fiducia

The Smavia Viewing Client Software by Dallmeier has been certified by Fiducia, making it ideally suited for use in banks.

Smavia Viewing Client is a VideoIP client software for the fast and convenient evaluation of recordings via Ethernet (LAN/WAN). The software from Version on has also been certified by Fiducia, with a customer base that includes over 650 Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken (banking cooperatives) and over 50 private banks.

The Smavia Viewing Client fulfills the technical security guidelines of Fiducia IT AG. The examination included verification that the software is safe to install on an agree Windows 7 bank workstation and/or an agree FCSI / vCSI Windows Server in the Fiducia environment.

In addition to fast and intuitive display of live views the Smavia Viewing Client offers sophisticated navigation functions for playback and numerous search functions for metadata. One of the highlights is SmartFinder, a system designed for the intelligent search of movements within any given area of an image. Thus, it allows for a goal-oriented, fast and efficient evaluation of the recordings.

Searching for images with captured motion is easy and uncomplicated: After marking the relevant area, SmartFinder finds the sequences with captured motion within seconds and displays them in an overview list.

In addition, a particularly distinctive feature of the Smavia Viewing Client is its flexible and individually configurable split views. The split definition is not restricted to the predefined layouts (2×2, 3×3, 4×4, etc.) or image formats (16:9 or 4:3). For the display of long distance areas, e.g. with a multifocal sensor system Panomera®, a high split can be configured as corridor mode – or a wide split to display a large area. The defined splits can be combined and saved conveniently as a preset.

If the image in one split view is to be shown in another, a simple shift by Drag&Drop is all it takes. The corresponding cameras are switched automatically and in real time, without having to interrupt the video analysis.

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