Dallmeier’s new high-speed PTZ cameras

Dallmeier's new high-speed PTZ cameras




New high-speed PTZ cameras

DDZ4220HD and DDZ4230HD

The cameras of the series DDZ42xxHD are equipped with a high-performance Pan-Tilt-Zoom mechanism and provide real-time high-definition video with up to 30fps at a resolution of 2MP. The most advanced sensor and encoder technology and the sophisticated image processing provide recordings with excellent contrast, brilliant clarity as well as highest detail resolution and colour fidelity.

The DDZ4220HD features 20x optical zoom and the DDZ4230HD 30x optical zoom with auto-focus. The very good light sensitivity of the sensor and the sophisticated image processing ensure crisp colour images even in low lighting. In night mode, the cameras also provide outstanding results due to the very good infrared sensitivity. The PTZ cameras are equipped with a removable IR cut filter, and can automatically switch between day and night mode.

EdgeStorage and SmartBackfill

The DDZ4220HD and DDZ4230HD are equipped with a RAM memory that is used by the EdgeStorage function for storing the video stream in case of a network failure. When the network is restored, the SmartBackfill function ensures a fast transmission to the SMAVIA recording system. This stores the video stream with high speed and then continues the recording of the live stream seamlessly.

Good to know

In addition to the DDZ42xxHD series there is also a new PTZ camera series DDZ41xxHD available with up to 1.3 megapixels.

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