Dallmeier provides security for World Poker Tour and Backgammon Championship

Backgammon Championship (Custom)

Open International Backgammon Championship and the Merit Park Hotel & Casino

The necessary overview of the “World Poker Tour” at the Merit Crystal Cove Hotel & Casino in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was delivered courtesy of a video system from Dallmeier. The backgammon tournament that was held almost concurrently in the Merit Park Hotel & Casino next door also featured Dallmeier technology.

World Poker Tour at the Merit Crystal Cove Hotel & Casino

The Merit Crystal Cove Hotel & Casino stands on a gorgeous bay not far from the town of Alsancak/Karavas in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Almost all the rooms in this luxurious 5-star resort afford spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea and the resort swimming pool. Those who like to mix their leisure with a dash of excitement will find just what they are looking for in the neighbouring casino. The large number of gaming tables and slot machines provide plenty of gambling entertainment here.

A very special highlight was the “bwin World Poker Tour”. With up to $ 400,000 in winnings to play for every day, high drama was certain. In contrast, the casino’s security staff were under no such pressure: the video system by Dallmeier, which has provided the necessary oversight at the casino for more than five years, delivered pin-sharp images and reliable recording during the poker tournament as well.

Merit Crystal Cove (Custom)

Merit Crystal Cove

“We have been using Dallmeier products at the Merit Crystal Cove for many years now”, says Malik Oguz, Surveillance Manager of the Merit Casino. The video system was originally installed by local partner Ni-Ti Elektronik Güvenlik Sistemleri, and has been updated to reflect the state of the art regularly since then. “The equipment is totally reliable, and we are very satisfied with the service we receive from Dallmeier and Ni-Ti. In recent years, we have absolutely no problems with the system updates and expansions, which have been carried out regularly so that the video technology has grown in keeping with our requirements. That is important for safeguarding our investment”, declares Malik Oguz.

Open International Backgammon Championship at the Merit Park Hotel & Casino

Meanwhile, the hotel next door, the Merit Park Hotel & Casino, was hosting a backgammon tournament at almost the same time. The “1st Merit Open International Backgammon Championship”, offered prize money totalling € 15,000. Until that time, the Merit Park Hotel & Casino had not been equipped with a Dallmeier installation, but for this premium event, head of security Malik Oguz literally wanted to “leave nothing to chance”. “The old system no longer satisfied our requirements, so we had Dallmeier IPS 2400 appliances and high resolution HD cameras installed especially for this backgammon tournament”, explains Malik Oguz.

Here too, the Dallmeier system has proven so successful in real-life operation that they are switching the entire video installation over to Dallmeier technology permanently at the Merit Park Casino. Malik Oguz confirms: “The Dallmeier cameras deliver razor-sharp images, and the high frame enables us to detect details even with fast movements.”

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