Dallmeier provide the Hotel Dirsch with video equipment

Dallmeier provide the Hotel Dirsch with video equipment

Dallmeier provide the Hotel Dirsch with video equipment

The Hotel Dirsch in the Altmühl valley in Bavaria has relied on Dallmeier video equipment to ensure the safety of guests and staff for many years.

Hotel Dirsch is a family-owned, 4-star Wellness & Spa Resort where holidaymakers can enjoy leisure and comfort. It also hosts many business events and conferences. 19 seminar rooms ranging in size from 30 to 300m2 can accommodate from 10 to 140 participants. A pool and extensively equipped thermal bath and sauna facility, and a beauty and spa treatment area invite guests to relax and re-energise. The full service offered by the Hotel Dirsch also includes a lively bar, a restaurant, a mountain lodge and a barbecue hut.

Video for more security
The hotel has relied on video security equipment from Dallmeier for many years. “This is what we do to protect ourselves from break-ins and to guarantee the safety of our employees and guests. Our doors are open day and night for our guests – with a video system we can still ensure that no one who has no business here can come in”, declares general manager Angelika Dirsch.

First and foremost, Dallmeier dome cameras cover the lobby area. These networked cameras offer high resolution and a wide dynamic range. They deliver recordings in exceptional detail, with excellent contrast and maximum colour fidelity in real time.

Video for quality assurance
Besides its security task, video technology is also an important quality assurance tool in the hotel, as Angelika Dirsch explains:

“Our hotel welcomes a very large number of conference and seminar guests. From time to time, the atmosphere can become rather high-spirited. In general, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, after all, we provide rooms for that very purpose. But it has happened that celebrations have continued into the swimming pool area. As a 4-star hotel with high standards, naturally we cannot and will not permit such behaviour, especially since most of our guests come to our hotel in search of peace and quiet. The cameras help us to quickly find out who caused the disturbance, or respond to it promptly. The video cameras also give our guests and employees a feeling of security.”

Intuitive operation
The images from the cameras are stored reliably on a Dallmeier appliance, and can be reproduced with the aid of the management software. Besides fast, intuitive display of live views, the integrated functionality of the software also supports efficient evaluation of the recordings using the comprehensive search functions, for example.

Satisfied for many years
The Hotel Dirsch has already installed the second generation of cameras. Angelika Dirsch is entirely satisfied with the system:

“We have used Dallmeier equipment for many years, and we are very happy with it. It is simple to operate, and the image quality is great. And this is why, when we wanted to expand and update the system, we have come to Dallmeier again!”

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